Note: The Flat Fee MLS and Full Service Listing is available only in McLean county MLS market.


Selling and buying a home is one of the most important events in our lives. For most of us, home equity is our primary form of savings. We count on it for retirement, to help finance our children's education, or perhaps to accumulate a down payment for our dream home. Our goal is to help you maximize your savings when you are selling your home and /or you are buying a home and provide the best customer service we can.

Over the years, we have learned that one size doesn't fit all. Thousands of families have sold their homes through, and we know it works! Occasionally, though, customers need something more than a choice between FsboLocal and listing with a realtor. For example, if timeframes are tight, or people want to maximize the marketing coverage of their home for sale, or they need the professional services of a realtor, we can help. FsboLocal understands... and we are now licensed to provide additional realtor services through our CiVRealty. Gaining the exposure from the combination of FsboLocal and the MLS Listing Service is a marketing advantage offered exclusively to FsboLocal customers.

Seller's options:

1. Selling as By Owner (FsboLocal) - You can advertise your property at any time using the Create/Place Ad page on You pay a one-time advertisement fee ($310). We provide you the yard sign/ signs with your phone number. Customers can upload their own photographs at any time. If you need assistance in creating the ad, please call us any day from 7:00 AM-10:00 PM (central time)(309) 287-9639 or contact us via email:

2. Flat Fee MLS and Full Realtor Service - Please click for details CiVRealty or call/Text (309) 287-9639

Buyer's options:

  • Searching the Sale by Owner properties - You can search the sale by owner properties via View homes for Sale on For more information or discussing the offer please contact the owners directly. For properties listed in MLS please contact our Listing Broker/Agent.
  • Hire our broker/Agent as Buyer's agent - We will try to find the best available property with your specifications. Hiring us as buyer's agent will give you more bargaining power because of our lower commission.

Please contact us at (309) 287-9639 for general questions and (309) 287-9639 for MLS related questions, email us at